It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Tiger Woods has clearly held the upper hand for the large majority of the time that he and Lee Westwood have been competing on golf courses. However, despite this, he has finally admitted that Lee Westwood is currently the man with the momentum.

With those who bet on golf noting that Westwood is looking increasingly likely to be the new world number one, unless Martin Kaymer is able to pull out all the stops later this month, it’s safe to say that Woods has had to endure a year to forget in both his personal life and professional life. Failing to display anything like his best form over the course of the year, despite an average showing for Team USA in their ultimately unsuccessful bid to keep hold of the Ryder Cup, Woods will know that, if he wants to regain any kind of form in the long-term, he will need to put his troubles behind him sooner rather than later.

Westwood, on the other hand, has finally lived up to the potential that golf odds experts and pundits (and Woods himself) always knew he had. Unfortunately for Westwood, he has been unable to finish the season by celebrating his rise up the rankings with some decent performances on the golf course after suffering an injury setback.

If Westwood can carry his solid form into the majors next year, Woods may find that, even if he is back to his best, he will be in for a tough battle if he wishes to regain his position as both world number one and also favourite to win the majority of tournaments throughout the year.