MOMENT 7 American, Helen Willis Moody won 8 singles titles in the 1930’s, a record which stood until Martina Navratilova appeared in the 1990s, her aloof manner earned her the nickname ‘Miss Poker Face’.

MOMENT 8 Fred Perry wrote his name into Wimbledon’s history book by winning 3 consecutive singles titles in the 1930s, there hasn’t been a British mens champion since. He won all three finals in straight sets.

MOMENT 9 Wimbledon was introduced to a larger audience through the ‘magic’ of television in 1937. A few thousand people, within a 40 mile radius of the BBCs transmitter in North London, were able to watch a Centre Court covered by 2 cameras, for just 30 minutes a day!.

MOMENT 10 a Sunday school teacher from Worcestshire, Miss Dorothy Round, was Women’s Champion in 1934 and 1937. Her religious beliefs had caused a fuss in Paris when she refused to play on a Sunday at the French Open.

MOMENT 11 Centre Court was hit by a German bomb in October 1940, it damaged a corner of the competitors stand, reducing the seating capacity, it wasn’t repaired until 1947.

MOMENT 12 Gussie Moran, an American from California, created a sensation in 1949 when she wore a dress which was short enough to show a glimpse of her lace edged pants. The press followed her relentlessly, camped out on courts where she was playing and sent her pictures around the world.

MOMENT 13 in 1961 the first all British Singles final since 1914 took place between Angela Mortimer and Christine Truman.

MOMENT 14 Wimbledons first ‘Open’ Championships were held in 1968, Australian, Rod Laver and American, Billie Jean King , won the Singles titles.

MOMENT 15 a strike by the players, caused by a difference of opinion between the International Lawn Tennis Ass and the then newly formed Association of Tennis Professionals, meant a number of top players withdrew their ‘labour’ in 1973.

MOMENT 16 an engaged couple, American’s Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert, took both the Single’s titles in 1974.

MOMENT 17 in 1976, 20 year old Bjorn Borg won his first Singles title, he became the youngest man to do so for over 40 years, in the same year ‘Ice Maiden’ Chris Evert, beat Evonne Goolagong Cawley in the Womens Singles final, claiming her second Singles victory.

MOMENT 18 the All England Tennis Club celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary by opening the Wimbledon Museum in 1977, it has been a great success and become a major London tourist attraction. It houses a collection covering all aspects of tennis including donated items from players past and present, in 2012 it has a special Olympic Tennis exhibition.