Three Betting – Post Flop Actions

You have three bet an opponent and he has called so you are both going to see a flop – what next?

The first thing to do according to those over at is to assign a three bet calling range to your opponent. Hopefully, your initial three-bet was made because of a read you had on your opponent or purely based on the strength of your hand. Three bet a complete unknown with a mediocre holding is not a good strategy.

Once you have assigned a range of hands while using the betfair promo you now need to look at the texture of the board, compare the texture to how it would hit your opponents range and how it would hit your perceived range.



This flop hit your range harder than your opponents because we are going to assume that your opponent would have four bet with Ace King. So if you are not holding the Ace it is a good board to bet as a semi bluff.

A lot of the time the action of your opponent will determine your course of action. Let’s imagine the board is low and you are holding Ace King and your opponent checks to you on the flop and the turn. It is very likely that your Ace high is good at this point because your opponent would have bet with any hands that have you beat at this point so a bet is not really necessary. However, lets assume that you have a bluff in this spot and he is checking to you then it would be a good idea to bet to take him off a hand such as AJ, AQ or AK.

You don’t have to bet a lot either. Just because it is a three-bet pot does not mean you need to make your sizing big.