The Slot Machine

You have been playing on the slot machine for what seems like an eternity. You know you came out with £30 in your wallet and you are down to your last £5. The lights are flashing and the wheels are whirring. You know how it works – the longer you play the more likely you are to hit the jackpot.

You have now spent all of your money while paying close attention to the betfair poker freerolls. You need to get to the cash machine and back before anybody else takes your spot. You know the jackpot is about to burst and it is YOUR jackpot. You run as fast as you can to the cash machine and withdraw more money.

You leg it back and freeze as a young spotty looking kid walks up to the machine. He plonks £1 into the machine, the lights sparkle and the wheels whirr. Then you hear another noise, a less familiar noise – the sound of money falling out of the guts of the machine. Little spotty kid has won YOUR money.

Recognise this? Those over at note that even if you don’t play on the slot machines you will have encountered the same thing at the poker table. You are playing in a cash game and you have found yourself a big fat fish. This fish is swimming around, making all the wrong moves and getting lucky. You know you can widen your range against him and soon get it all-in three times on the trot with the best hand.

Each time he sucks out on you. But you don’t worry you have time on your side in order to win YOUR money back. Then you watch in anguish as someone else takes all of YOUR money from the fish and he drifts off down the tributary whence he came.