The Best Odds in the House!

Are you going to be luckier playing cards or rolling dice? We can’t do anything about your luck, but we can help you work out what the odds are likely to be so that you can make an informed decision.

When it comes to playing games in the casino, just going with what you find most fun is unlikely to see you making a noticeable profit. Although they’re all great fun, it’s important you know that the different probabilities, pay-outs and complexity of each game will vary massively depending upon the casino table game you’re hoping to play.

That’s why we’ve developed this handy infographic which gives you an understanding of what the odds look like for each game and how you can expect to do when playing them.

These are all general probabilities though, it’s worth checking that the version of your game isn’t noticeably different (for instance, some casinos only pay out 6:5 not 3:2 on a blackjack so the jackpot is worse).

You might notice a pattern with the results in that the card-based games tend to have a lower edge than the other traditional casino games.

What’s interesting is that card-based games also tend to give the player greater control over how they play – with choices made after they receive their cards and a greater focus on player agency and less on pure chance. There’s obviously still an element of luck involved, all the strategy in the world can’t help if you don’t get the cards you need.

The flip-side is that the other games tend to have a better pay-out option and a greater selection of bets you can make. While card games generally only allow you a single type of bet, games like roulette and craps have a more complex set-up where you can place chips on a certain colour or number for a lower chance but a better pay-out!

These variable options of betting mean that the house edge also changes dramatically – while you can have simple red/black and pass/don’t pass bets which have a low house edge and good probability, the pay-out is also low.