The Best Free Games On iOS

Mobile gaming has changed the way we spend our battery life on smartphones. The revolution in console and pc gaming has brought a feast to the table, providing players with an assortment of delicacies to pick and choose from. Console and pc gaming is becoming ridiculous with online play and single player campaigns trumping just about any other platform. 

The real beauty of mobile gaming lies in the simplicity and rapid availability as your smartphone is with you nearly every second of the day. Perfect for the long bus ride into work, or drowning out the hum drum noise of the train as you plod on a journey. Mobile gaming is fun, easy, accessible and most of all it’s a non thought provoking way to kill time and have fun doing it. 

If you own an iPhone and use if for everything from getting NRL betting tips to gaming on the go, the following games are a must download for an unrivalled mobile gaming experience. These iOS mobile games aren’t just top of their class, they’re free. 

These are the best free games on iOS in 2018.

Defend Your Brains In Plants Versus Zombies 2

Collect your suns then Spit, flick, whack, roll and plod your way to victory over the zombies before they eat your brains. Plants vs Zombies is back with the second installment and it’s more challenging than its predecessor in just about every way. 

The game has more depth with alternative realms to conquer that are all individually themed, for a dynamic iOS mobile gaming experience. The various realms aren’t just individually themed but carry a chilli level rating and prove to be more challenging with every level played. 

The developers have added more delightful plants that do some outrageous damage, and more zombies that are quirky and hungry for brains. It’s a well rounded title that’s free on iOS and Android; if you own a mobile device Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a must have free mobile game. 

Keep Your Cool With Angry Birds

Angry Birds has grown into a budding little franchise with keychains, plush toys, USB drives and much much more. There are a wide variety of Angry Birds IOS mobile titles to play, and the majority of them are completely free to download. 

No iPhone would be complete without a game of Angry Birds. Flog the Birds into mid air, hit your target, keep up the attack and keep your stress levels low. 

Word Wizardry With Alphabear

Free iOS mobile games are not all about brutal assault or adrenaline pumping speed. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take the edge off with a word based game that looks as adorable as a honey faced Pooh bear. Alphabear is visually adorable while being educational and fun. 

Alphabear is a free iOS game that is almost a digital carbon copy of Scrabble, with a twist. The aim of the game is to form words from tiles on the board. The twist is that each letter only has a certain life span before it turns to stone. Your word knowledge ultimately helps you build a bigger bear. The title is perfect for writers and all people alike who enjoy expanding their vocabulary. 

Dodge, Duck And Dive With Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless running quest that will keep you glued to your iPhone for hours on end. The second instalment is visually better than its predecessor and it just flows the way a running quest should. It’s a unique iOS game that allows for speed and agility while throwing in obstacles that keeps players on their toes. 

Fire Up Your Phone With Jetpack Joyride 

Jetpack Joyride employs the same mechanics as Temple Run in that it’s another endless runner, yet takes on a Dexter’s Laboratory approach with your character riding robot dragons, motorbikes and even mechanical suits. 

It’s a free iOS mobile game that is addictive and fun. Jetpack Joyride is exactly what you’d expect from a mobile game. It’s simple, easy and non thought provoking, which makes it fun and perfect for killing time.