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Dealing With Losing In Poker

Imagine you went to your day job every day, performed your duties to the best of your abilities and then at the end of the month they not only did not pay you your wage but they actually took money from you! Whilst this sounds absurd to most people it is exactly what poker can […]

Poker Odds Made Simple Part II

If you read the first part of this series, you should now be able to calculate outs and odds like a pro. Let’s now consider an example from the first part of this series: you have two spades in your hand and two came out on the flop, giving you a flush draw. As you […]

Poker Odds Made Simple Part I

Some say poker is a game of luck, while others defend it as a sport. We say you can play poker as a game of luck and lose a lot of money, or apply your intellect to it and start reaping pots like never before, just like the best poker players in the world. By […]

The Best Female Poker Players Of All Time

Poker has become more and more mainstream over the past few years, growing in popularity on TV and the internet. There has certainly been a rise in the number of players playing poker online and a boom in the number of online casinos entering the market in a short space of time. The popular card […]

Playing The Big Boys

I remember playing a Full Tilt event at my local card room in 2008. The event was a £25+15 bounty (unlimited re-buys before the first break), and there were about 100 runners, which was essentially the maximum. Full Tilt sent down Roberto Romanello and Gary Jones, both of whom were big names in the UK […]

David Gorr – I Won The One That Counts

Ahead of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship celebrating its 10th anniversary, defending Champion David Gorr has been speaking about the famous tournament. Gorr was relatively unknown as far as texas online poker pundits on a nationwide scale go before he won the $2,000,000 prize last year, but everyone knows his name now and he admits […]

Poker Anecdotes Vol. 4: Bump and Grind

Based on 6-seater S n’ Gs, $5 buy-in, $21 (1st) – $9 (2nd) payout. Games last approx 70 mins. 1500 chips, blinds go up every 6 mins. ‘Needless to say, down at this level you’ve got to learn to grind. To beginners I’d say even if you make early profits here, resist the temptation to […]

Buying in full versus buying in short

ne of the most common questions asked by players new to the game is whether or not they should buy into a cash game for the maximum allowed or if they should buy in for a lesser amount. As with most questions relating to poker, the answer is that it depends. Personally, I am an […]

Three Betting – Post Flop Actions

You have three bet an opponent and he has called so you are both going to see a flop – what next? The first thing to do according to those over at www.betfairpoker.com is to assign a three bet calling range to your opponent. Hopefully, your initial three-bet was made because of a read you […]

2010 Year Of The Women

In times gone by you could walk into any poker room in the world and there would be high levels of testosterone emanating from every table. In 2010 things started to change and high levels of estrogen started to permeate the air with an unusual high frequency. To begin with I doubt the men were […]