Picking Slots With The Best Outcomes

Most of us are very familiar with online slots. Virtually every online casino offers a substantial range of them. They range from basic with three reels all the way through to the newest and flashiest which can have thousands of ways to win.

Costs per spin differ, jackpots differ and even your chances of winning differ. So how do you decide which is the best value overall? I would start by saying that almost nobody can make a living out of playing slots. So no matter what the rate of return is, winning consistently and winning enough to live on is very, very difficult.

Yes, some incredibly lucky people win huge jackpots. Life changing amounts even. But these players are the exception and not the rule.

On the face of it, slots are very simple. You bet, you spin and you either win or you don’t. But delve a little deeper and it becomes more complicated. Here is a quick guide for those of you who want slot bet values explained. There are coin sizes and then there are bet sizes. If your coin size is 1p and there are 20 lines on a slot, to play them all you must wager 20p per spin. Easy. However, if the jackpot and potential winnings are multiples of your ‘coin size’ then the potential win will be based on 1p not 20p.

For example, the reels spin and you land five matching symbols on a winning payline. The payout on that might be 100x your coin size. You might think that you’ve won £20 (20p spin cost x 100). Wrong. It’s actually £1. That is because the pay out is based on your coin size. And your coin size is 1p.

This is important because different games will offer different payouts. And you really want to play on games that offer payouts based on your ‘bet’ and not on your coin size. Every single online slot game has an information button. That is where you check how potential winnings are paid out.

The second element to consider is the RTP percentage rate. RTP stands for Return To Player and it is the payout rate of the slot. The higher the percentage, the more times a player wins in theory. The maths is simple. If the RTP is 95% that means for every £100 gambled on a game, the casino pays out £95. But that is an average across the board. That does not mean that you will win 95% of the time or that if you wager £100 you will only lose £95.

So if you want to play a game that is fun, exciting and offering really good payouts, check for a high RTP % and play on those that payout on bet sizes.