Most people who bet have a vested interest in the bets that they place. Of course, they want to win the cash, but they usually care about the team they’re backing or the horse they’ve chosen from the field. In other words, it’s not just about the cash, there’s some level of loyalty in their decision-making when placing a bet. They want Liverpool to win, or they care about whether Murray beats Federer in the ATP Finals.

However, there are also many other people who take betting a whole lot more seriously, and see it as a way to generate a decent amount of income, rather than showing confidence in their favourite team. These are betting traders, who don’t really consider which team or player, which horse or dog, they’re backing; all they care about are the movements in the betting markets around each fixture, and that’s where they’ll make their money. It’s a bit like traders working on the stock market – they don’t buy a share necessarily because they believe in the product; it’s about how the market will affect the share price.

For anyone who’s looking at raising their game from being a bettor to being a bet trader, Bettrader betting and trading platform is the ideal app to practice the different betting systems you have in mind. The app offers a sports trading platform using live data from Betfair, which is refreshed up to 20 times a second. This means that you get the best prices and can place your orders quicker than other exchange users. A ladder interface allows you to see the volume traded and all available prices at a glance.

For learner bet traders, BetTrader has a training mode, where you can test out a betting system with the live data, but without risking real cash. You can switch to the training mode whenever you want to try something new at no risk. There’s a seven day free trial on BetTrader which really is the best way to see if the app will help improve your betting systems, and when it’s free, there’s really no reason why not to give it a go.