What Are Matched Bonuses In Betting?

When the internet was first developed all those many years ago, online bookmakers weren’t really a thing. Then a few got in on the game and soon the ability to place a bet online was a thing of reality.

As the industry developed and bookies were desperate to sign up as many new customers as possible, they came up with new and creative ways to get your attention. They started offering welcome bonuses. Basically it was free money.

Once they twigged that people could sign up, get the bonus, withdraw it and leave with the cash they quickly changed the rules. That’s when the restrictions started and soon you had to deposit and spend your money before you get your hands on their money. Which is fair enough when you think about it.

Since those early days, the offers have become far more sophisticated. Instead of just giving you a random cash match on your deposits which you can spend anywhere on their vast websites, they have now moved into the Matched Bonuses in the betting area.

How Do Matched Bonuses Work?

Matched bonuses betting involves the bookmaker matching the exact amount of your bet as a free bet. So if you bet £5 they will match it with a £5 free bet. Likewise, if you bet £10 or £20. Often there is a maximum amount they will match so check the offer before you get carried away.

These bets are often on very specific matches and are usually found in football betting. So whenever a big event rolls around they put these offers online in a bid to get you to spend with them and not a rival bookmaker.

Yes, the bet they offer you is completely free but it’s how you choose to use it that could give you an advantage.

This is known as matched betting. It is a technique involving backing and laying an event in order to win regardless of the outcome.

This may sound complicated but it really is an easy technique to learn and a way of sure that you come away with some of your money whether you win or lose.

Can You Make Money From Matched Betting?

Simply put yes, you can. As long as you are over the age of 18, can grasp the basics of matched betting and have some spare time to complete the offers.

You also have to have online accounts with the various bookmakers to be able to access their offers.

Try to stick to sports with two outcomes. If you use your own bet to pick one team/player and the free bet to back the opposition, whatever the outcome you win.

Of course, the odds may differ between the two sides/players so you may not get back all of your money but it’s better than losing your entire bet.

Are There Any Risks In Matched Betting?

Yes there are. However the only real risk is human error, as long as you take your time when placing bets and double-check the bets you place then there should be no risk.

Is It Legal?

Yes. You are simply taking advantage of introductory matched bonuses made by bookies in the hope that you will continue to place bets with them.

So there you have a way to not only bag yourself some free bets but also how to use them to your advantage. Just make sure that the terms and conditions for the offer you choose allow you back both sides.