Games With The Best Odds

When you decide to enjoy a casino game, you want to select games with a good chance of winning. The odds give you an idea about the potential for a win and help you decide on the games that fit your interests. Before you look at LadyLucks mobile casino and try out the games, focus on finding games with the best odds.

Calculating the Odds

The method you use to calculate the odds of winning in a casino game depend on the details of the game. In general, you use fractional odds or a percentage to determine the chance of winning.

Fractional odds are commonly used in sports bets or similar games and are written as 10/1 or 5/2. The odds tell you the amount you will win if you place the bet and you win. For example, in a 10/1 game, winning means you will get back 11 for every 10 dollars, Euros or pounds that you bet. In the case of a 10/1 bet, you have a 9 percent probability of winning the game.

Percentage bets tell you the probability of winning as a percentage, such as 9 or 10 percent. Use the numbers provided to determine the possibility of winning with an appropriate bet calculator or similar tools.


The odds of winning in roulette depend on the table and the type of game. American and European roulette have different odds, but both games favour the casino. The house edge, or the percentage amount that the game favours the casino, is roughly 5.26 percent in American roulette and 2.7 percent in European roulette.

While the odds of winning are 2/38 for American roulette and 1/37 for European roulette, the type of bet you make helps you cut back on your risk.

If you bet on odds or evens, or if you bet on black or red, then you have a higher chance of winning the game. Selecting a specific number increases the risk of your bet and lowers the odds of winning.


Blackjack is an easy casino game for those who are new to placing a bet on a game. The goal of the game is adding up your cards to 21. If you get to 21, then you win the game. If you go over 21, then you lose the game. When no players get to 21, the winner is the one with the closest number below 21.

The simplicity of the game means the players have a similar probability of winning. A game with two players will have a higher chance of winning when compared to a game with 4 or 5 players.

Casino games are a fun way to engage with others and enjoy your mobile device. A key challenge is finding games that have a high chance of winning.

By focusing on games with consistent and similar odds, you will reduce the risk of losing the game. The key is playing games like roulette or blackjack and then placing a bet with a low risk of losing. By taking measures to increase your odds, you will have a chance to enjoy the experience of playing casino games.