Elisabetta Gregoraci Horses Around with her Son in Italy

The paparazzi are always following Flavio Briatore – let’s be honest he makes for interesting reading what with his flings with Naomi Campbell, his relationship with Heidi Klum and of course his expensive lifestyle – so it wasn’t any shock to see his wife Elisabetta Gregoraci going horse riding with her adorable son in Italy.  It appears she has had a lovely holiday so far soaking up the sun on her luxury yacht but she spent Friday trotting on a beautiful horse.

The 33 year old looked as if she was an experienced rider along Sardina with her 3 year old son Falco – and they both looked at is if they were having a great time!  They did have a few other people with them and were riding through the water together and to be honest we wish they were there too the scenery looked amazing! Elisabetta wasn’t in any horse riding get up – she was dresses casually with shirts and a vest top sporting a rather chic hat!  Of course she is a model – so probably wants to look her best at all times!  Little Falco also wasn’t wearing any formal horse riding gear but looked very cool in his shorts and t-shirt.

Unfortunately the business tycoon that is Flavio Bratore wasn’t there getting his horse riding fix, however the pair celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary just recently.  Flavio has admitted that settling down with a child has calmed him down somewhat and that having Falco has changed his life although he also said that he wouldn’t be changing any nappies as that was a woman’s job!  Falco isn’t his only child – he is also Father to Heidi Klum’s 9 year old girl Leni – however after Flavio decided to not have an active role in her life – she was then adopted by Seal.

We are sure that Falco will be sporty when he grows up – what with the fun of learning to ride a horse at an early age and with his Father’s links to Formula 1!  Horse riding does seem to be something that’s popular with celebrities, in fact the stables at Hyde Park are well known for getting some celebrity visitors to take the horses riding.  It’s brought some A list celebs including Tom Selleck, Jackie Chan, Ray Liotta and tonnes more!  What is it that makes this sport so exciting to them?  Even Johnny Depp has a horse that he quite sweetly named Sleepy Hollow!  It could be that riding a horse is a great way to chill out and get away from every day life and it can be associated with a sport for the elite.  It is of course expensive owning a horse and not something that everyone can afford and even riding them can cost a pretty penny these days – but one thing’s for sure it’s not just for jockey’s!