Denmark gearing up towards legalising online gambling

Denmark gearing up towards legalising online gambling

Are we seeing common sense emanating from the Danish Government.

Denmark is getting ready to follow suit in the legalisation of online gambling. Indeed, they are to propose a law to the European commission to legalise online gambling before actually applying it. A move that could see the light as soon as in 2011. After Italy France, and lately, Estonia, Denmark has decided that the time had come to make the activity legal, and therefore generate taxes that would go towards gamblers protection and profit charitable organisations. It would also be a way to fight against fraud, money laundering and organised cyber crimes. Practices that are, sadly, rife in the online gambling industry. And Denmark is hoping that implementing such laws would be a first step towards eradicating this plague.

We can only welcome this move from the Danish Government, a signal that more and more countries seem to have realised that the real way forward is not banning, but regulating. We’ve seen, time and again, that simply banning without any proper regulatory measures does not stop crime. On the contrary, it seems to work in favour of the latter. It is an encouraging piece of news for the industry. Hopefully, more will take this step forward. The more it will be realised that if we really want to fight crime, protect gamblers and minors, generate extra income in taxes that, in turn, will benefit the country, regulating online gambling is the way, the way towards a safer, more secure and more honest gambling industry, that is in serious need of regaining the trust of many.

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