David Gorr – I Won The One That Counts

Ahead of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship celebrating its 10th anniversary, defending Champion David Gorr has been speaking about the famous tournament.

Gorr was relatively unknown as far as texas online poker pundits on a nationwide scale go before he won the $2,000,000 prize last year, but everyone knows his name now and he admits that he couldn’t have chosen a better stage to have his success.

Referring to his Aussie Millions victory a year on, Gorr said: “It started off with a bang immediately after winning, but then it quieted down.”

“Idid get a lot of people individually coming up to me and congratulating me. Many people I’ve known before, but I couldn’t place them.”

“It’s like going to school on day one and you’re the schoolteacher trying to learn all these different names at once. That was really hard to do, but I do appreciate everyone coming up.”

“I looked at it this way, finally I won a tournament at Crown. It’s been a long, long time, and I won the right tournament, the one that counts.”

Gorr then spoke to free online poker experts about taking part in the Tournament of Champions, an event set up to celebrate ten years of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

He said: “It’ll be interesting. I would love to see the format. It’ll be fun to play against some pretty good players. I mean there’s Lee Nelson, and there’s Gus Hansen — very good players. It’ll be an experience without any doubt.”

It will certainly be very competitive, with many eyes on Gorr as the most recent Champion. As he mentions though, there are plenty of big names looking for victory, so it should be gripping poker from the very start.