What Are The Different Types of Slots?

Who remembers the days when you could only play slots in the local pub or casino? Of course, now there are literally thousands of different slot games available online. The choice is incredible and so are the jackpots available. But if you’re not familiar with online games you probably want to know about the different types of slots you can play.

We’ve got here an excellent infographic that goes through the different kinds of slots out there and gives you a great head-start. This is a handy guide highlighting the differences between video and 3D slots, multi-pay line, and progressive jackpot slots.

Video slots started to become popular around 1975. They were primarily the same reel experience but used an RNG and a display screen. By the early 2000s, 3D and online slots were being developed using enhanced graphics ways to play. Since then the evolution of online slots has been incredible.

Unique bonuses, thousands of paylines, and even more ways to rack up bigger jackpots have all contributed to their popularity.

What Are Online Slots

An online slot is a multi reel-based game available on the internet. You pay a certain amount of money to spin the reels and if they stop on a pre-determined winning line, you win. If the reels stop and there is no winning combination then you lose.

These types of games are often packed with features including bonus rounds and side games. They also have huge jackpots, many of which can be triggered by any player at any time.

Online slots are available on every online casino. Most UK bookmakers will also host a slots section with hundreds of games to choose from. The graphics can range from basic to almost movie-like quality. So depending on how much money you want to spend and the kind of game you like, there will be a slot that is suitable.

Can You Win Playing Online Slots

Yes, you absolutely CAN win playing online slots. That doesn’t mean that you WILL win, but like all risk-based games, slots are as much about luck than anything else.

Sean Doyle, from Newcastle, Co Down placed a £10 stake on an online slot game called Mars Attacks and struck it rich when he won the Jackpot King Deluxe on Paddy Power Games on the Eve of Valentine’s Day. He scooped a whopping £4.2m on that one spin.

Who wins and who loses is completely random. All online slot games now use Random Number Generators (RNG) which is a complex program code using a mathematical algorithm. It ensures the absolute randomness of results and guarantees the honesty of the slot game. It also makes sure that the online slot sticks to the correct payout rate for the game.

Which Slots Pay Out The Best

Slots, like all casino and online games, vary in their payout rates. But the good news is that it is incredibly easy to check out which games payout the most. On every single slot game, there is an ‘i’ button. This is where you will find all of the information on a specific slot. It is also where the RTP is found.

The RTP is the Return To Player percentage. So if a slot has a 95% RTP, that means that 95% of the money wagered on that game will go back to players as winnings. The remaining 5% will go to the casino. However, it is important to remember that just because a game pays out 95% doesn’t mean you will win back 95% of what you wager.

There is a pot of money and if somebody wins a jackpot then that pot gets reduced, leaving less for all of the other players to win. So try to pick games with higher RTP rates. They generally vary between 93% and 98% so there a lot of scope.

Different Types Of Slots

The infographic below is a very handy way to learn the different types of slots. Surprisingly, despite advances in technology, three-reel slots are still very popular. They are generally quite basic but perfect for beginners. You may not get all of the bells and whistles but you will still get a good start to your online slots experience.

Multi Pay Line slots can vary hugely. From 20 possible winning lines through to thousands of combinations each game will have a set number of ways to win. Honestly though, trying t figure out some of them is nearly impossible. But the rule of thumb is that a winning payline starts on the first reel on the left and links across the other reels to the right!

Progressive Slots are very attractive. Who doesn’t want to win a life-changing amount of money! Progressive work on the basis that the more people play, the higher the jackpot gets. Until it is won by one lucky player.

Take a look below and whichever slot type you decide to play – good luck!