How To Write Betting Slips

Heading to a high street bookies for the first time can be a daunting experience. If you’ve never been, then rest assured that they have changed significantly over the last couple of decades.

Gone are the smoke-filled little shops. Instead, they have been replaced by sleek, clean, modern betting hubs. So basically there is absolutely nothing to be intimated by.

The staff on hand know their jobs very well and are there to help you. That said, nobody wants to look foolish or feel like they are holding up the queue! So to help you out, here is our very easy guide on how to write a betting slip.

I’m going to use horse racing as an example.

Steps On How To Write a Betting Slip

Read The Race Card
The first thing you need to do is decide which horse you are going to back – if you don’t already have one in mine. Bookmakers will have plenty of newspapers with all of the days racing.

Simply take a look at the horses running and choose what you think is the best bet in the field. With plenty of tech on hand, the odds for your horse should be readily available on a screen. If not, the bookmaker will be able to give you the odds when you ask.

Write Down Your Stake
Next, you need to decide how much you want to bet. Are you going to bet on a win or an each-way bet? Simply write down the amount you spend on the betting slip, for example £10 Win or £5 E/W.

Write The Name Of The Horse
Once you know how much you want to bet, you have to let the bookmaker know which horse you would like to back. Simply write the name of the horse under the amount you are betting. For clarification, also add the place and time the horse is running e.g. Aintree 5.15pm

Total Amount
With the ability to write out a few bets on a betting slip, don’t forget to enter the total amount of your bets on the bottom of the slip. Take your completed slip to the cashier.

Next Steps

Once you have completed your slip double check it. It is not the bookmaker’s fault if you don’t fill it in correctly. Once you are happy with it, simply take it to the cashier and they will process it for you.

Once you pay for your bet, the cashier will give you a printed receipt with all the details of your bet. You will absolutely need this to get your money if you win.

Remember that bookmakers want your money, so if you need help filling in a slip then always ask at the counter. Generally, the staff at high street bookmakers are very keen to help. If you want to make an ‘each way’ bet then check out our guide to each way betting ~ click here.